‘Finding Dory’ in 200 words

You would be forgiven for asking whether ‘Finding Nemo’ needed a sequel – they found Nemo after all – but skeptics should find their doubts blown out of the water (pun absolutely intended) as the Pixar name once again proves itself a badge of true excellence.

A childhood flashback sends everyone’s favourite amnesiac blue tang, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) on a journey to a California aquarium in search of her long lost parents; adoptive clownfish family Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence) in tow.

Any preconceptions that this is just a heartless and artless money-making exercise are instantly shattered. The story is engaging and heartfelt, new characters are well-developed, original and genuinely funny, and the film delivers an uplifting and positive message about what can be achieved through a different outlook on life and by people that we might underestimate.

It almost goes without saying that the animation is a thing of beauty, but let’s say it anyway as Pixar continue to push the bar on this front. The variety and realism of the environments is stunning, and Hank the octopus’s movements are a joy to watch.

There is real artistry here, on every level. I defy you not to love it.


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