‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ in 200 words

There are some films that are truly special. This is one.

In a story that bridges folklore and surrealism, ‘KATTS’ follows Kubo, a gifted, young storyteller with powerful magical abilities, on his quest to to recover a legendary suit of armour and uncover the truth of his origins.

Many may write off stop-motion animation as redundant in this day and age, but Laika have pushed the boundaries of the medium further than ever before and created a masterpiece to rival the computer generated juggernauts of our time. From the spectacle and invention of the monsters to the delicacy of Kubo’s living origami to the richness of the characters’ facial expressions, every inch of every frame testifies to the devotion and craftsmanship that went into this film.

The voice cast is stellar, with standout performances from Art Parkinson (Kubo) and Ralph Fiennes (The Moon King), but it’s the irrepressibly brilliant Charlize Theron that steals the show. Her performance as Monkey is captivating, seamlessly blending moments of comedy and heart-rending emotion.

With its perfect marriage of loveable characters, emotional intensity and visual splendour, there is not a moment in this film that is not enthralling. Do not let it pass you by.



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