‘Inferno’ in 200 words

The Dan Brown hype may have all but passed, but no franchise goes unmilked forever. Seven years since ‘Angels and Demons’ and a decade since the ‘Da Vinci Code’, Ron Howard brings you the final instalment in the trilogy that you never wanted him to finish.

Professional smart-arse and recovering mullet owner Robert Langdon wakes to find himself in a Florence hospital complete with head wound and amnesia. Pursued by killer cops and shadowy organisations, Langdon and his doctor, Sienna, must follow a trail of cryptic clues themed around Dante’s ‘Inferno’ to prevent the release of a deadly super virus and save mankind.

With a plot that approaches ‘National Treasure’ levels of absurdity, depressingly banal dialogue full of clunky historical exposition and with pointless Dante references crammed in at every opportunity, and appalling pacing that makes its two hour run time feel like three, ‘Inferno’ is an ordeal to sit through.

The cast put in a dispiritingly disinterested performance across the board. Felicity Jones in particular is utterly expressionless as Sienna, and even Tom Hanks’ performance is badly phoned in.

It’s good advertisement for Italian tourism, but that’s just about the only thing ‘Inferno’ does well. $75 million well spent?


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