‘Doctor Strange’ in 200 words

Any new MCU release these days is inevitably preceded by the question “could this film break Marvel-Disney’s streak?” Well now it’s the turn of ‘Doctor Strange’ to respond with another resounding “No.”

A horrific car accident leaves brilliant but arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange unable to operate. His search for a cure leads him to Nepal, where a secret order of sorcerers offer to train him in the mystic arts. Strange must overcome his scepticism to master his new powers and defeat a rogue sorcerer whose schemes threaten the whole world.

This has everything you want in a Marvel movie; an endearing central character with an engaging story arc, masterfully brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch, a solid supporting cast, brilliantly orchestrated action and plenty of great comedy while still maintaining its seriousness.

The visual realisation of the sorcerers’ magic deserves particular praise. The spark-shooting aesthetic of Strange’s spells is original and effective, while the world-bending scenes are like Escher paintings viewed through a kaleidoscope; a psychedelic feast for the eyes.

Marvel-Disney have long since proved that they can deliver on obscure properties as well as their mainstream heroes, and ‘Doctor Strange’ is further proof that they are far from done.


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