‘Kingsglaive: Final FantasyXV’ in 200 words

A straight-to-dvd tie-in with the latest chapter in one of the world’s biggest and most impenetrable video game franchises might not appeal to most people, but even non-gamers may find ‘Kingsglaive’ worth their attention.

In a world combining magic with technology, the kingdom of Lucis wages a desperate war against the mighty empire of Niflheim. The Kingsglaive – an elite cadre of spell-wielding warriors – is Lucis’s last line of defence. Nyx Ulric, a brave but reckless Kingsglaive member, finds himself caught in a web of treachery and must battle impossible odds to save the princess Lunafreya from Niflheim’s clutches.

The hyper-realistic animation which gives life to ‘Kingsglaive’s’ unique science-fantasy aesthetic is truly astonishing. From breathtaking vistas to action sequences on an epic scale, all underpinned by John R Graham’s majestic score, the film dazzles at every turn.

The plot is somewhat convoluted, but not incomprehensible as some critics have suggested, and the strong central cast carry it through confidently, with stand-out performances from Aaron Paul (Nyx), Lena Headey (Lunafreya) and Sean Bean (King Regis).

‘Kingsglaive’ demonstrates what modern animation can achieve beyond the restrictions family viewing. With such potential, we can only hope that adult-oriented animation becomes more mainstream in future.


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