‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ in 200 words

After 2012’s ‘Awakening’ failed to re-invigorate the franchise, it was widely assumed that ‘Underworld’ had slunk off to die quietly, but against all expectations Kate Beckinsale returns to give that legendary catsuit one final outing.

The war between vampires and lycans rages on. Separated from her hybrid daughter Eve, vampire outcast Selene is dragged back into the war by those seeking her daughter’s power.

‘Blood Wars’ is a gothic fantasy battle romp, chock-full of strutting, melodramatic performances and lavish fight scenes.

Kate Beckinsale is magnificent as ever; slipping effortlessly back into Selene’s icy persona and kicking arse left, right and centre. However, the film wastes far too much time on pretty-boy tag-along David, played by Theo James; a thoroughly uninteresting goody-two-shoes who looks about as vampiric as Elmo.

The film makes an interest attempt to recapture the gothic look of the original films. Sadly though, it’s not 2003 anymore, and many scenes are left looking disappointingly dated. The ethereal Northern coven of vampires, with their white hair and white furs, do bring something new to the aesthetic, but it’s hardly earth-shattering.

Devoted fans will doubtless welcome this progression of the ‘Underworld’ saga. Newcomers however, will probably find themselves left cold.


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