‘The Lego Batman Movie’ in 200 words

If there was ever a character that needed their seriousness bubble bursting, it was Batman. For the last 12 years the Caped Crusader’s cinematic capers have become progressively more grim and humourless, rendering the world’s favourite superhero less and less likeable. Enter Lego.

Elevated from side-character in 2014’s ‘The Lego Movie’ to star of his own film, we find Batman in his natural habitat; battling the Joker and being emotionally constipated. A hilarious story of emotional growth and brick-based silliness ensues.

Despite having the appearance of a soulless commercial spinoff designed solely to sell merchandise, this is a hysterically funny movie. Will Arnett’s Batman is a paragon of man-child buffoonery and, along with a host of references to the hero’s previous screen incarnations, makes for a joyfully irreverent lampooning of the Batman saga.

The charming animation style of ‘The Lego Movie’ is used once again to great effect, and while less of a focal point in this film the attention to detail is just as wonderful.

It may not have the same magic as ‘The Lego Movie’, but with an uplifting central message and gags that cater to a wide age range, this is much more than just toy advert.


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