‘Logan’ in 200 words

It’s hard to believe, but 17 years since he slashed his way onto our screens and into our hearts, Hugh Jackman is stepping down as Wolverine.

It’s 2029 and Logan is a broken man. One of the last mutants alive, we find him working as driver and caring for the dementia-stricken Charles Xavier, but when an 11 year old mutant named Laura falls into their lives the three find themselves fleeing bounty hunters on a road trip across America.

After the dizzying scale of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, ‘Logan’ may prove a reality gut-punch for some fans. With a higher certification, stomach-turning violence and a raw, stripped-down sensibility, it’s a very different beast.

With Wolverine struggling to resolve the violent and caring sides of his nature, and Xavier descending into dementia, Jackman and Patrick Stewart make for a tragic central partnership, bringing a new vulnerability to their respective roles.

By deliberate contrast, Dafne Keen’s Laura boils with energy and rage, proving more menacing than Jackman has ever been. Keen’s talent is a perfect reflection of the theme of hope for the future inherent in Laura’s character.

Horribly brutal, desperately sad and masterfully executed; ‘Logan’ is the perfect swansong for Jackman’s legendary Wolverine.


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