‘Power Rangers’ in 200 words

After the big-screen atrocities recently visited upon the Transformers and Ninja Turtles, news of a ‘Power Rangers’ movie was worrying to say the least. The results are nowhere near as terrible as they could have been, but “good” might be a stretch.

In small-town America, five misfit teenagers stumble upon a buried alien spaceship and a set of glowing coins which transform them into intergalactic superheroes; the Power Rangers.

‘Power Rangers’ fails miserably to capitalise on its best aspects, preferring to bury them in hamfisted dialogue and nonsensical plot points.

Tonally, it’s a complete mess, unable to decide how to approach the inherent silliness of its source material. When it takes a knowing, tongue-in-cheek approach to its ridiculousness, it pays off marvellously, but it never fully commits to this, and any attempts at seriousness fall flat because the goofiness simply cannot be ignored.

The updated suits and zords look fantastic, but they’re kept back until the final act which, while spectacular, doesn’t make up for the generic, overlong training movie that precedes it.

It’s perfectly serviceable popcorn fodder, and the twenty-somethings in the audience will enjoy the nods to the original series, but it could have been so much better.



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