‘Kong: Skull Island’ in 200 words

Call it an exciting reincarnation or a screen icon heartlessly dredged up for a quick buck, whatever your views, Kong is back.

An eclectic group of soldiers and scientists find themselves trapped on a mysterious island with a gorilla the size of an office block and a host of hungry monsters.

This is an admirably single-minded film. It promises just one thing; big, smashy monsters kicking each other’s teeth in, and boy does it deliver. From stilt-walking spiders to giant cows, it’s a veritable creature feature. Naturally, Kong is King, and the film wastes no time teasing its colossal star beast.

The monsters look terrific and there’s some striking camera-work in there too, but beyond the visual flair it’s all a bit lukewarm.

John C Reilly is amusing, and Samuel L Jackson’s Captain Ahab impression is enjoyable, but for the most part the performances are uninspiring, with the big ticket actors like Tom Hiddleston and John Goodman clearly just along for the paycheck.

The plot is lamentably thin, serving only to string the monster fights together, and the constant pastiche of 70s cliches, right down to the jukebox soundtrack, is tired and tedious.

In short; ludicrous, but a good laugh.


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